Well Child Checkup

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Well Child Checkup services offered in Spokane, WA

Children experience rapid periods of growth and change as they age, which is why it’s essential to track and monitor these developments. At Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane in Spokane, Washington, Jenn Kalisvaart, MD, FAAP, Kim Resleff, ARNP, the team performs comprehensive well-child checkups from birth through early adulthood. Call the pediatric clinic today or schedule an appointment online to partner with a compassionate healthcare provider for your child’s routine checkups.

Well Child Checkup Q&A

What is a well-child checkup?

A well-child checkup is a routine health and wellness screening that monitors your child’s growth and development. Children grow and change rapidly during their first few years of life. They enter another period of physical and emotional change throughout their teenage years. 

Well-child visits ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in school, sports, and other extracurricular activities while reaching critical developmental milestones.

What happens during a well-child checkup?

What happens during your child’s well-check depends on their age and health history. The pediatric team at Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane performs comprehensive well-child checkups from infancy through early adulthood. 


Infant well-check

During an infant well-check, the team measures your baby’s length and records their weight to calculate body mass index (BMI). They also check your infant’s breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure before performing a physical exam. Next, the team administers any necessary vaccines.


Toddler well-check

Once your child reaches ages 2-3, the team begins performing regular vision and hearing screenings. They may ask questions about your child’s social skills, including how well they play with their peers, follow directions, and interact with adults. A toddler well-check also evaluates your child’s behavioral health and wellness.


School-age well-check

Your child starting school is an exciting time for their growth, development, and social abilities. The team continues to evaluate their behavioral health and social development, as well as their language and motor skills, physical activity, sleep habits, and problem-solving abilities.


Teenage well-check

As your teen enters puberty, the team shifts their annual well-checks to female and male-specific physical exams, health screenings, contraception counseling, and conversations surrounding alcohol and tobacco use.


How do I prepare for my child’s well-child checkup?

Preparing for a well-child checkup depends on your child’s age. Preparing a list of questions and concerns for infants, toddlers, and school-age children ensures you can maximize your time with the pediatric team. The team also encourages you to write down any medications or supplements your child takes.

Older children, such as preteens and teens, may attend their well-child checkups independently. Encourage your child to ask questions about their physical, emotional, social, and sexual health.

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