Sports Physicals

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Sports Physicals services offered in Spokane, WA

Whether your child plays basketball, soccer, or football, their school or sports team may require that they undergo a comprehensive physical before the start of the season. Jenn Kalisvaart, MD, FAAP, Kim Resleff, ARNP, and the Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane team perform thorough sports physicals at their office in Spokane, Washington. Call the pediatric clinic today book your child’s visit.

Sports Physicals Q&A

What are sports physicals?

A sports physical is a head-to-toe health assessment that allows the Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane team to evaluate your child’s fitness to play the sport of their choice. 

Underlying health concerns like asthma can increase your child’s risk of injury during physical activity. Identifying health problems early ensures your child receives the treatment they need to safely participate in sports.

How are sports physicals different from annual physicals?

Sports physicals specifically check for injuries and illnesses that can interfere with your child’s ability to safely play certain sports. A sports physical focuses more on your child’s strength, flexibility, and reflexes than an annual physical. They are not as thorough as routine physicals, so they can’t replace your child’s annual exam. 

What happens during sports physicals?

Similar to annual exams, a sports physical includes two important parts:


Medical history review

Your child’s medical history allows the team to identify past health concerns, chronic conditions, and symptoms that may affect their ability to play sports. The pediatric team reviews your child’s medical history and asks questions about your family history, lifestyle, and your child’s diet. They make updates to your child’s medical history before performing the physical.


Physical exam

During the physical exam, the team records your child’s height and weight before checking their vitals (temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure). Next, the pediatric team looks inside your child’s ears, nose, and throat, listens to their heart and lungs, and touches their abdomen to check for swelling. Finally, the team performs muscle strength and flexibility tests.

Depending on your child’s medical history, the team may order additional testing to evaluate their health and fitness.


What happens if my child doesn’t pass their sports physicals?

Sports physicals are not usually pass-or-fail exams. If your child has a condition that impacts their participation in sports, the team may order additional testing or prescribe treatment. For example, if your child has asthma, an inhaler can deliver medication directly into their lungs so they can play their favorite sports.

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