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Office Procedures services offered in Spokane, WA

Partnering with a pediatrician who offers in-office procedures allows your child to get the comprehensive care they need under one roof. At Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane in Spokane, Washington, Jenn Kalisvaart, MD, FAAP, Kim Resleff, ARNP, and the team perform multiple office procedures for abscesses, injured nails, and other common concerns. Call the pediatric clinic today to learn more about the office procedures the team performs.

Office Procedure Q&A

What are the different types of office procedures?

Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced medical equipment to provide most pediatric procedures in-office. If your child needs an office procedure, the team performs a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to determine whether the procedure is available onsite.

Some of the most common office procedures the team offers include:



Circumcision removes the foreskin, the skin that covers the hood of the penis. Many parents choose circumcision for religious beliefs or hygienic reasons. While most babies undergo circumcision within their first 14 days of life, some parents opt to schedule the procedure later.


Partial toenail plate avulsion

A traumatic injury can cause the toenail to partially separate from the nailbed. After a thorough evaluation, the team can remove the nail, repair it, or secure it back in place. Your child may need stitches if the skin that supports the nail tears.


Abscess incision and drainage

An abscess is a pus-filled sac with inflamed tissue. Abscesses are painful and dangerous if they rupture. Creating a small incision in the abscess and carefully draining the pus relieves pain, reduces swelling, and accelerates healing.


Cerumen removal 

Cerumen is a medical term for earwax. If your child has an earwax blockage, the team can gently remove the excess buildup with a special suction device, warm water, and a saline solution.


Foreign body removal

Whether your child has a pebble stuck in an open wound or an object lodged inside their nose, the team can perform a simple foreign body removal to extract the item.


Simple laceration repair

Sometimes children get a cut that is too large or deep for a bandaid to fix the solution. In these cases, Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane is able to do simple laceration repairs in-office. Please call the office to see if we are best-suited to take care of your child's injury.

What are the benefits of office procedures?

Office procedures offer many advantages for children and their parents. Popular benefits include:

  • Reduces travel time
  • Lowers stress
  • Streamlines coordination of care
  • Eliminates the need to see a specialist
  • Reduces the risk of infection

Seeing a provider your child already knows and trusts can also minimize any anxiety they have surrounding the procedure. It already helps your child build a lasting relationship with their pediatric team. The pediatric team strives to create a warm, welcoming environment for children before their office procedures at Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane.

Call the friendly office staff today to schedule.