Newborn Care

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Newborn Care services offered in Spokane, WA

Welcoming a new child into the world is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for parents. For those in and around Spokane, Washington, Jenn Kalisvaart MD, FAAP, Kim Resleff ARNP, and the team at Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane can help make this time more enjoyable through outstanding newborn care. If you’re expecting or searching for a newborn care specialist, call the office to book a visit.

Newborn Care Q&A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care focuses on providing the services your child needs to thrive as well as checking for proper development. Pediatric visits are more frequent in the first year of life, then eventually taper off to annual well-child visits. 

Your baby’s first visit with the team might occur while you’re still in the hospital, or the days after you head home. The Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane team will perform a thorough physical exam and gather details about your baby’s length, weight, heart and lung function, and reflexes. They also check your baby’s skin and temperature and perform early vision and hearing checks. 

Why are newborn care visits necessary?

Even if your child is healthy, newborn care visits are important. Each time you come in, the team gathers information about your baby’s health and development and places that data into your baby’s medical record. 

You’ll learn how your child falls on the developmental scale, and if areas of concern are noted, your provider will explain what additional screening tools are necessary. Catching problems early is the best way to craft an effective treatment path. 

Vaccinations also play a central role in newborn care. Your baby needs more vaccinations in the first few years of life than any other stage, and those shots are administered according to a clearly outlined schedule.  

What topics are covered during newborn care visits? 

Whether this is your first or fourth child, you’ll have questions and concerns to share. Each visit is an opportunity to learn how to keep your baby happy and healthy. 

Some potential topics include:

  • Breastfeeding schedules and formula intake
  • Sleep routines
  • Home and environmental safety
  • What to expect in the coming weeks and months
  • Concerns over bowel movements, vomiting, or signs of digestive distress
  • Umbilical cord care

The team can also share tips on how to take care of your own needs while caring for your child. 

How should I prepare for newborn care visits?

A bit of advance preparation can make newborn care visits more productive. If you have questions or concerns, write them down before your visit. It’s easy to overlook something during the activity of a newborn exam, especially if your baby is fussy. 

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