Meet and Greet

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Meet and Greet services offered in Spokane, WA

A meet and greet ahead of time allows you to feel more comfortable with the practice you entrust with your child’s care. Jenn Kalisvaart, MD, FAAP, Kim Resleff, ARNP, and the team at Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane welcome you and your family to the office in Spokane, Washington, for a meet and greet before you bring your newborn in for evaluation and treatment. Call the office to schedule a friendly meet and greet today.

Meet and Greet Q&A

What is a meet and greet?

A meet and greet is an initial visit you can make before bringing your newborn in for official appointments. This visit doesn’t involve a medical evaluation or any treatment. It’s solely an opportunity for your family to become familiar with the office and team.

The team at Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane gives you a tour of the office. Each team member greets you and your family and can tell you more about the practice and its values. 

After your meet and greet, you can decide if Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane is a good fit for you. The team specializes in providing care to children and adolescents under 21. 

Who should consider a meet and greet?

Meet and greets can benefit families who are expecting a new baby in the Spokane area. The practice offers:


Prenatal meet and greets

A meet and greet is a great idea for new parents who plan to bring their newborns to Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane for newborn care. You can get to know the team while you’re still pregnant so you feel comfortable entrusting them with your baby’s well-being. 


What are the benefits of a meet and greet?

Meet and greets for new expectant parents have several advantages, which is why you should consider scheduling one before your baby is born.

Benefits include:

  • Gaining confidence in your child’s health care
  • Getting to know your child’s care team
  • Answering your questions about pediatrics
  • Verifying that your child’s care provider’s values align with your own

Call Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane to schedule a meet and greet today.