Welcome to Centennial Corner!

May 18, 2023
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Welcome to our creation which hopes to bring information and timely topics to our patients and their families. We hope you find the information useful and welcome any ideas for future topics. And here we go...

Centennial Pediatrics of Spokane is a culmination of dreams. Dr. Jenn & Kim set out to create a pediatric practice that provides care to patients at a level that exceeds expectations.

We want to be where families come first when they have a question or concern. We want parents and patients to leave the office having the answers they need or at least a plan to get those answers. We want patients and families to know that we are in their corner. Sometimes that means we are their biggest cheerleaders and advocates, sometimes the crying shoulder and sometimes the sounding board. 

This may sound like lofty goals, but the truth is that it is what we expect for our own children and families, so why should our patients be any different?

This blog is our way of passing on information about timely pediatric topics in a way that is accessible, fun and well... us!

Our tagline is "We believe in the magic of new beginnings." This carries so many meanings to us -- the birth of a new baby, an ill child feeling better, a family learning how to best parent their child. In pediatrics there are so many new beginnings that we get to celebrate with families. Let's share in the magic together!

--Dr. Jenn & Kim