Vitamin D Rocks!

Aug 13, 2023
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Vitamin D is becoming more and more important for all ages -- newborn to adults. Read more about how it helps your health.

Vitamins... everyone has their favorite, but hands down, Vitamin D is one of our favorites!

There are many sources of Vitamin D including the sun (hence the beach), fish and many dairy/calcium-containing foods that are fortified with it. That being said, the importance of Vitamin D is SO huge that we want you to realize that sometimes we need to be taking more to stay healthy.

Breastmilk is amazing, and babies will thrive on formula, but unless babies are taking on a daily basis at least 32 ounces per day of formula or breastfeeding moms are taking about 6400 IU of Vitamin D per day, they will need additional. Think about it. One of our major sources of Vitamin D is the sun, but with young babies and children, we do our best to prevent sun exposure by covering them or using sunblock. Vitamin D is essential for bone health and strength. It even has a HUGE role in mental health and depression, and research has shown a role in the prevention of neuromuscular disorders. 

We recommend babies take 400IU of Vitamin D daily and young children get 600IU per day. This can be purchased over the counter and comes as a small amount that you can give your baby daily. For adolescents, our endocrinologists will recommend up to 2000IU daily. For toddlers, children, and adolescents, many come combined with calcium to really make those bones strong!

Let's all make Vitamin D = Delicious and Daily!